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USA v. Peterson, et al.

Who's Who: Information about Trial Participants

(See also: Witness List by Date)

Federal prosecutor:

Larry Eastepp
Assistant United States Attorney
Houston, Texas

Defense lawyers:

Rusty Hardin for Judith Peterson, Ph.D.
Chris Flood for Richard Seward, M.D.
Larry Finder and Tom Hagemann for George Jerry Mueck
Dan Cogdell for Gloria Keraga, M.D.
David Gerger for Sylvia Davis

Expert Witnesses

For the prosecution:

James Hudson, M.D.
(Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Biological Psychiatry Laboratory, McLean Hospital)

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D.
(Professor of Psychology, University of Washington, Seattle, Current President of the American Psychological Society.)

Richard Ofshe, Ph.D.
(Professor of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley)

Kenneth Lanning
(Supervisory Special Agent for the Behavioral Science Unit at the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Author of the Investigator's Guide to Allegations of ‘Ritual’ Child Abuse, 1992.)

Experts for the defense:

Gary G. Beck
(Insurance Specialist, Austin Texas)

James Chu, M.D.
(Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard, Senior Psychiatrist at McLean Hospital, former president of ISSD)

Martin Merry, M.D.
(Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy, University of New Hampshire)

Priscilla Ray, M.D.
(Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine)

Tony Schrader, J.D.
(Insurance Regulatory Consultant, Austin, TX)

Daniel Brown, Ph.D.
(Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, Cambridge, MA)

Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D.
(Coordinator of Trauma Disorder Services for Children and Adolescents, Sheppard Pratt Hospital)

Thomas Brandon, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine)

Katherine Steele, R.N.
(Private practice, Atlanta, GA)

Alan Scheflin, J.D.
(Professor of Law, Santa Clara University Law School, Santa Clara, CA)

About Judith Peterson

Unindicted Co-Conspirators

The following people have been named as unindicted co-conspirators in the case: Bennett Braun, M.D., Roberta Sachs, Ph.D., and Corydon Hammond, Ph.D.

All three have been mentioned in FMSF newsletters in the past, and extracts containing relevant information may be viewed via the links below:

Bennett G. Braun, M.D. served as Medical Director of the Dissociative Disorders Program at Rush North Shore Medical Center, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center, Skokie, Illinois. Dr. Braun and Rush-Presbyterian settled a lawsuit brought by Patricia Burgus for $10.6 million last year. Most recently, the Illinois License Board has brought action to remove Braun's license. The hearing in that action began on September 28, 1998.

Roberta Sachs, Ph.D. was the Director of Training at the Dissociative Disorders Unit at Rush-Presbyterian-St.Luke's Medical Center.

Corydon Hammond, Ph.D. is a Professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine.

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