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USA v. Peterson, et al.

Transcripts of Tapes of Therapy Sessions

The transcripts in this section were introduced as evidence in the trial of charges brought by the US government against five mental health workers in Houston. Some names have been changed.

There are a great many transcripts, perhaps too many for all but researchers. All transcripts are examples of highly suggestive therapy. Tape 301, Side A might be of particular interest because it shows the creation of an alter.

Here follows a list of all of them, in chronological order:

Tape 1, Side A, Barbara White, 11/20/91
Barbara is told that she must bring up alters or she won't get better.

Tape 1, Side B, Barbara White, 11/20/91
Barbara tells about being a part of the cult.

Video, Brenda Green, 2/13/92
In which Brenda comes to believe that her two daughters need to be in residential treatment.

Tape 300, Side B, Brenda Green, 2/17/92
Brenda is told Alice is in danger.

Tape 301, Side A, Brenda Green, 2/18/92
Brenda is helped to see that the hospital is the only safe place for Alice.

Tape 300, Side A & B, Alice Brown, 2/21/92
Alice learns she was involved in the cult and she learns to signal with fingers and that she has "parts."

Tape 301, Side A, Alice Brown, 2/24/92
An alter is created.

Tape 304, Side A & B, Alice Brown, 3/9/92
Alice's alters appear.

Tape 307, Side B, Alice Brown, 3/31/92
Alice gets a new doctor and talks about future placement.

Tape 308, Side B, Alice Brown, 4/3/92
Alice learns to have a temper tantrum.

Tape 321, Side A & B, Green family meeting, 4/22/92
Getting B.A. Green to go for assessment with Bennett Braun

Tape 320, Side A & B, Alice Brown, 5/1/92
With therapist, Alice plans for family meeting and also to get Carol to work harder so she can stay in the hospital.

Tape 64, Side A, Barbara White, 5/18/92
Barbara worries that as she remembers more, she will drive away her husband and son.

Tape 328, Side B, Alice Brown, 5/20/92
Alice learns about being married to Satan and pornography.

Tape 79, Side A, Barbara White, 6/17/92
Barbara wants to be with husband and son; feels like a prisoner

Tape 79, Side B, Barbara White, 6/19/92
Talking to alters including God

Tape 80, Side A & B, Barbara White, 6/19/92
The therapists work to the the deepest alters that they know are in Barbara.

Tape 343, Side A & B, Alice Brown, 6/19/92
In which we learn of the cult rape after Alice is told to put her memories on a "screen like at a movie."

Tape 345, Side A, Therapy Session Notes, Alice Brown, 6/24/92
In which therapists interpret Alice's toe movements

Tape 353, Sides A & B, Green Family Meeting, 7/24/92
B.A. Green asks how someone could have been bull whipped without its leaving a mark. Effort to persuade Green to go back to Braun for treatment fails. B.A. says he will file for divorce.

Tape 407, Side A, Alice Brown, 8/31/92
In which Alice is told that if she has worked through her "issues" of wanting to kill herself, she will have to leave the hospital.

Tape 379, Partial A & Side B, Alice Brown, 9/4/92
Alice learns that when she acts happy, that is part of the cult plan.

Tape 124, Side A & B, Barbara White, 9/21/92
Barbara expresses anger about her treatment in therapy.

Tape 337, Side A & B, Carol Smith, 10/15/92
Planning for Carol's placement after Spring Shadows.

Tape 388, Partial A & B, Alice Brown, 10/15/92
Alice finally has memory of abuse by stepdad. Discussion of future placement.

Tape 392, Side B, Alice Brown, 10/22/92
Alice plans for placement after Spring Shadows.

Private Health Care Systems telephone conference, 2/17/93, Peterson, Seward, Stalzer
We are told that Barbara White has 10,000 alters and that Peterson does not use hypnosis for memory retrieval.

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