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USA v. Peterson, et al. - Transcripts of Tapes of Therapy Sessions

Tape #300, Side A & B - Date: 2/21/1992

Certain patient names in this text have been changed by request.

DP: Dr. Judith Peterson

RS: Dr. Richard Seward

AB: Alice Brown

PT: Patricia Taylor

(UI) Unintelligible

2 DP: How - how did you get here?
3 AB: Daddy brought me.
4 DP: Daddy brought you?
5 AB: Uh-huh.
6 DP: Yeah. How come?
7 AB: Because Dr. Seward said I would be safer here.
8 DP: Do you know what that’s about?
9 AB: Uh-huh.
10 DP: Yeah. What’s it about?
11 AB: Well, my mom was involved in the cult and so was my
12   sister, and they think I might have been in it too, so
13   they thought I’d be safer here.
14 DP: What do you think about that?
15 AB: It’s weird.
16 DP: Weird?
17 AB: Yeah.
18 DP: Yeah? How’s it make you feel when you think of that?
19 AB: Sometimes I’m scared.
20 DP: Uh-huh. What do you think that’s about?
1 AB: I don’t - I don’t know. I guess I would be scared to find
2   out that if I had been in the cult -
4 DP: Um hmm. It would be - I’m sorry. Say that again honey.
5 AB: It would be scary to find out that I had been in the cult.
6 DP: Uh-huh. What would be scary?
7 AB: Well, the cult is scary, so...
8 DP: Is it?
9 AB: Yeah.
10 DP: Yeah? How is it scary?
11 AB: Well, cause they do really horrible things...
12 DP: What kinds of things do they do?
13 AB: They sacrifice people, and they - they don’t worship God
14   and everything. It’s really horrible.
15 DP: Yeah. What’s the most horrible thing?
16 AB: That they sacrifice people.
17 DP: Uh-huh. And when you think about that, what do you feel?
18 AB: Scary.
19 DP: Uh huh. What’s happening right now?
20 AB: Just thinking.
21 DP: Hm. About what?
22 AB: About going to school. I wanted to be in school.
23 DP: So when you talk about how cults sacrifice humans, then
24   you think about going to school?
1 AB: No. (laughs)
2 DP: That’s what people do sometimes, is they think about
3   something real ordinary to help get away from something
4   that’s real scary. I wonder it you’d ever do that?
5 AB: I do.
6 DP: Uh-huh. Can you talk about what happens with that?
8 DP: Yes? Yeah It’s okay. We’ll take care of that. Thank
9   you, bye. (HANGS UP PHONE) I’m sorry.
10 AB: Sometimes - I mean sometimes I tune out things that are
11   bad and think about good things -
12 DP: Uh-huh.
13 AB: - to make me feel better.
14 DP: What kind of things have you had to tune out?
15 AB: Like when Mom was in the hospital the first time, I would
16   - I would be really sad and I’d try and think about my
17   friends and happy things, you know, to make myself feel
18   better.
19 DP: What else?
20 AB: That’s about it.
22 DP: I thought it was (UI).
23 AB: That’s all I think about.
24 DP: What’s that?
1 AB: Good things.
2 DP: That’s all you think about is good things?
3 AB: I don’t like to think about bad things.
4 DP Uh-huh. When you think about bad things, what’s at the
5   top of the list of things that are bad, scary?
6 AB: My mom being in the cult and my sister. ’Cause I wish it
7   wasn’t true.
8 DP: And if it weren’t true would it change your life?
9 AB: It’d make me happier. It would make them happier.
10 DP: Do you think it would be scarier to, kind of not know, or
11   to know?
12 AB: To know - I mean not know. Because if you know, you can do
13   something about it, but if you don’t know, it might
14   get worse and you might never find out, and something bad
15   will happen.
16 DP: Well that’s really true. And if you were to know, what
17   would you do?
18 AB: Try to - try to help the situation.
19 DP: What would help you?
20 AB: Treatment, I guess.
21 DP: Has it helped with Carol, do you think?
22 AB: Uh huh.
23 DP: Yeah, how’s it helped?
1 AB: She’s a lot better. She’s - she’s happier, and she’s -
2   she can talk more and um, that’s about it.
3 DP: That’s what this guy over here did, help with that?
4 AB: Yeah.
5 DP: Yeah? Well do you feel - still think she might have been
6   in some danger or anything? I mean, she was in the
7   hospital, right, for a length of time, and that’s when she
8   met Dr. Seward, and then she was out of the hospital
9   seeing him?
10 AB: Uh huh.
11 DP: Uh huh. What’s happening?
12 AB: Nothing.
13 DP: Do you ever hear voices on the inside? It sounds like
14   you’re listening.
15 AB: Unh-unh.
16 DP: I thought maybe you had an inside joke.
17 AB: No.
18 DP: You didn’t?
19 AB: Unh-unh.
20 DP: Did you know that you can hear voices on the inside and it
21   doesn’t mean you’re crazy?
22 AB: Uh-huh.
23 DP: Did you know that?
24 AB: Uh-huh.
1 DP: Yeah? How does that work? Cause lots of people don’t
2   know that. Do you know that really?
3 AB: Yeah.
4 DP: How do you know that?
5 AB: ’Cause mom hears voices on the inside, and she’s not crazy
6   and so does Carol.
7 DP: How does that work for them?
8 AB: They’re multiple.
9 DP: Uh-huh.
10 AB: And they’ve got other people inside them.
11 DP: Uh-huh. Do you ever talk to ’em?
12 AB: Not that I know of.
13 DP: Do you ever want to?
14 AB: Huh?
15 DP: Do you ever want to?
16 AB: Yeah.
17 DP: Yeah? Have you asked Cathy about it?
18 AB: No.
19 DP: What it’s like or anything?
20 AB: Unh-unh.
21 DP: What’s your opinion on that, of having different parts
22   here?
23 AB: It’s pretty neat.
24 DP: You think it is?
1 AB: Uh-huh.
2 DP: How is it neat?
3 AB: Well, it’s kind of amazing.
4 DP: Uh-huh. Yeah.
5 AB: That something like that could happen.
6 DP: Uh-huh. It’s real interesting the way the mind does that,
7   isn’t it?
8 AB: Uh-huh.
9 DP: I wonder how people figure that out, that they have parts?
10 AB: They have what? Oh, parts.
11 DP: How do they figure that out?
12 AB: I don’t know.
13 DP: Do you understand why they do?
14 AB: Yeah.
15 DP: Yeah? Why?
16 AB: Because sometimes it’s because they’ve gone through
17   something traumatic and they have to use it to cope, to
18   deal with their problems.
19 DP: Uh-huh. So those parts are real important. And they’re
20   real helpers.
21 AB: Uh-huh.
22 DP: How would you figure that out for yourself, about you?
23 AB: I don’t know.
24 DP: Huh?
1 AB: I don’t know.
2 DP: You don’t know?
3 AB: Unh-unh
4 DP: One thing I know about working with people that have
5   parts, is that safety is very important. Do you know what
6   I’m talking about?
7 AB: Uh-huh.
8 DP: Yeah? What am I talking about?
9 AB: Like if they have a part inside of them who wants to hurt
10   them, and they go somewhere and then, and that part comes
11   out, then they might get hurt.
12 DP: Uh-huh.
13 AB: And - and not know about it.
14 DP: Uh-huh. What about safety about - that parts could come
15   out and talk, and they wouldn’t get in trouble? Sometimes
16   they have secrets.
17 AB: I guess.
18 DP: Uh-huh They do. I’d say in everybody that’s true. W
19   all have parts of us that don’t know things, even if we
20   don’t have parts with names. We all have parts of us that
21   aren’t aware of why we do things and think things. Like
22   the part of you that laughed a few minutes ago, and I
23   think there was a part of you that had a joke inside.
24   Yeah, I do. Oh, yeah, you’re trying not to smile but that
1   just - just keeps coming back on your face there.
2   (laughs) ’Cause you know you can have a silly part?
3 AB: Uh-huh.
4 DP: Do you have a silly part?
5 AB: I guess.
6 DP: Do you? Does it like to goof off?
7 AB: It’s fun.
8 DP: (laughs) Uh-huh. (PAUSE) What’s going on?
9 AB: I was thinking about my roommate goofing off. She does it
10   all the time.
11 DP: Um. How about you goofing off?
12 AB: I do, once in a while.
13 DP: So there’s a part of you that’s a real goof off?
14 AB: Uh-huh.
15 DP: Play tricks?
16 AB: I guess.
17 DP: You won’t give them away, huh?
18 AB: Huh?
19 DP: You won’t give them away, huh?
20 AB: I don’t know.
21 DP: Well, you know you’re here because we all have lots of
22   worries about your safety?
23 AB: Uh-huh.
1 DP: And it does sound like there’s a part of you that’s
2   worried too - that wants to know.
3 AB: Uh-huh.
4 DP: I wonder how we can begin to sort that out? (Pause) Do
5   you have some assumptions about how long you’d be here to
6   do that?
7 AB: What?
8 DP: Do you have any ideas about how long you’d be here to
9   figure this out, what would happen?
10 AB: Um, unh-unh.
11 DP: No? Just kind of checked into the hotel here?
12 AB: I guess.
13 DP: Yeah. I guess I’m kind of wondering, Dr. Seward, if maybe
14   she kind of thinks that what would happen with her, would
15   be like what happened to Carol originally. In and out
16   of the hospital. (UI). People watch their big sisters.
17 RS: I really think Alice is real worried about what it means
18   to be under that restriction and to not be in her school.
19 DP: Uh-huh. And what it would mean?
20 RS: I haven’t really gotten so far as for Alice to be able to
21   tell me. She does say it’s boring when you’re in
22   restriction.
23 AB Uh-huh.
24 DP: It’s boring but she hasn’t been able to tell you about it?
1 RS: About (clears throat) um, what her notions of safety are
2   and what would happen if she and Carol might get
3   together back in school and things like that.
4 DP: Uh-huh.
5 RS: I’ve - I’ve also had the sense, and I haven’t been quite
6   able to put my finger on it, but my sense is, is that
7   Alice is very, very frightened but hasn’t been able to say
8   exactly why.
9 DP: Yeah. And I wonder what that would be like to be able to
10   talk about why? I wonder if it would help to know that
11   Mom and Carol are talking about why they’re so
12   frightened? That would help, to know that. And that
13   you’re here because they’re so frightened for you.
14 AB: Uh-huh.
15 DP: That would help. Really, really, really frightened for
16   you. (Pause) I wonder what it would be like for you to
17   talk about how frightened you are?
18 AB: Okay.
19 DP: Could you try it?
20 AB: Uh-huh.
21 DP: Could you try it? You’d have to take your hands off your
22   mouth to do that.
23 AB: Um, I’m scared because - well, I don’t want to, like, find
24   out that I was involved in any, with the cult because I
1   don’t think I was. I mean, I don’t remember it. And the
2   cult is really scary, and to find out that I was involved
3   in it would be scary, and that’s - that’s why I’m scared.
4   And I’m also scared because I’m - I don’t want Mom and Dad
5   - I mean, Mom and Carol to have been through something
6   like that and that’s scary, too.
7 RS: One of the things we talked about last night was, I don’t
8   want Alice to have been in the cult. I don’t want to find
9   that out either, but Alice has told me that her mom told
10   her that Alice was in the cult, and I don’t know why Mom
11   would say that to Alice.
12 DP: No, I don’t either. Mom would know, and Mom takes it so
13   seriously and it’s certainly nothing to kid about it. So
14   seriously that she said you should come here to be safe,
15   not even be seen outpatient, but come here to talk about
16   it. What do you think about Mom telling you?
17 AB: It’s scary.
18 DP: It also sounds like Mom told you, Alice, because Mom knew
19   you wouldn’t remember, on your own, that she did have to
20   tell you; that it’s so scary that maybe there’s a part of
21   her that knows it’s very hard to - to simply remember and
22   talk about it, or she wouldn’t have said that to you.
23   It’s like she doesn’t tell you when you go to school, does
24   she? Because you know you go school. Right?
1 AB: Uh-huh.
2 DP: So she told you something she felt that maybe on your own
3   you wouldn’t know, to help you. I’ve worked with other
4   families where moms have done that. They’ve said to their
5   kids that same thing because they don’t know on their own.
6   They have amnesia. Do you know what that means? (Pause)
7   I wonder what it would - what would make it safe to
8   remember, to figure this out?
9 AB: I don’t know.
10   (Pause)
11 DP: I guess what I’d like to do, Dr. Seward, if it’s okay with
12   you, is that I would like to just pretend that Alice has
13   parts that talk to (UI).
14 RS: okay.
15 DP: Is that all right with you?
16 AB: Uh-huh.
17 DP: Okay? And ask all parts to listen. And if there aren’t
18   parts then, you’ll just hear it, huh?
19 AB: Yeah.
20 DP: I want all those parts to hear that it’s taken the
21   people -
22 RS: Let me interrupt a second.
23 DP: Sure.
1 RS: Just for your information, we worked some more with the
2   fingers --
3 DP: Oh
4   -- last night and uh, talked in terms of parts of Alice
5   who have trouble - uh, who might have trouble telling the
6   truth, and um, um, they moved to the left hand.
7 DP: Uh-huh.
8 RS: And I was able to talk to the right hand, and Alice felt
9   that rather amazing so...
10 DP: Oh.
11 RS: My point is um, that - that we have already kind of
12   pretended that there were parts.
13 DP: Okay.
14 RS: And Alice was able to let her hands lose their feeling all
15   the way back up into their wrists, so that uh, she didn’t
16   know her fingers were moving.
17 DP: Could you do that again with her and then maybe they could
18   talk to me, those fingers? Can I talk to them?
19 RS: Okay. You want to do that? Uh-huh.
20 AB: Uh-huh.
21 RS: Okay. You already know how to do that. Okay? I would
22   like, when you’re ready, for that feeling to begin to move
23   out of your fingers, out of both hands, out of both sets
24   of fingers, begin to move up past the knuckles, up past
1   the hands and into the wrists, and this is only
2   temporarily. When we’re through, all the feeling can
3   return, but for right now, all the feeling can move up
4   into the arms, past the wrists, so that there’s no
5   feeling, no sensation in the hands; and I would like for
6   that finger that we used last night, to let us know that
7   the answer was "yes" on the right hand, to let that finger
8   float upward real light, without any feeling, so that Dr.
9   Peterson can know which is the "yes" finger. Let that
10   happen now. Very good. Can I see the "no" finger? Okay.
11   And can I see that it - signal for stop? All right. And
12   that’s a real big signal so that I don’t miss it. And I’d
13   like to ask the fingers on the right hand, are there any
14   parts left on - let me - let me restate that. Are there
15   any parts on the right hand that have any trouble or have
16   been taught to have trouble telling the truth? There are
17   parts on the left hand - on the right hand, there are
18   parts on that hand that have trouble telling the truth
19   Is that correct? Okay. Well, I’m glad you told me.
20   Would you be willing to move back to the left hand? Can
21   you do that now? Very good. Let - Let the movement begin
22   up the fingers, up the hands, past the wrist and the
23   forearm, past the elbow, across the shoulder and the back
24   of the neck, down the other shoulder to the left hand,
1   down the arm, through the elbow and forearm, down the
2   wrist all the way into the left hand. When you’re all
3   there, let me know with a "yes" finger. Very good. Can I
4   see a no finger for the left hand? Very good. And a
5   stop? Okay. And that’s the way it was last night. It
6   was the same fingers for both hands; and I’d like to talk
7   to the right hand now. Are there any parts left, on the
8   right hand - are there any parts remaining on the right
9   hand that have trouble telling the truth? Good. Is it
10   okay now, is it safe to let Dr. Peterson talk to the
11   hands, talk to the fingers? Very good.
12 DP: That’s wonderful. That’s really great. I’m wondering if
13   all the parts all the way down can let me know when they
14   can hear me? Okay. And I’m wondering if they’re - these
15   parts haven’t let Alice know that they’re there yet? Is
16   it kind of a secret inside? Well, does she know some of
17   it? No? I’m wondering if you all have needed a lot of
18   safety, if that’s something you’ve been needing, all the
19   parts? Uh-huh. And I wonder if you realize that with you
20   and Carol and Mom all in the hospital now, that this
21   is different than ever was before for you? Uh-huh. And
22   were there parts that wanted to come here before you ever
23   were brought? Somewhere inside did somebody say, "Me
24   too"? Uh-huh. Yeah. And is that because there’s
1   problems? That there are problems, yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah.
2   And I wonder if some of the problem has to do with the
3   same things that Carol and Mom have problems about? I
4   wonder if you were told that you couldn’t say you had
5   problems, if anybody’s told you that? Cause lots of
6   times - I want all the parts to hear me all the way down.
7   That lots of times people get told to keep secrets and
8   don’t tell. Has anybody ever hear, "Don’t tell, deep
9   down"? No? I’m surprised because when people get hurt
10   almost always, whether or not it’s a cult, anybody who
11   does the hurting, somehow they - they give a message
12   sometimes of - almost always of, "Don’t tell. Don’t you
13   tell." And has anybody been threatened about not telling?
14   No? Do you find this surprising?
15 RS: I’m real surprised.
16 DP: Uh-huh. I really am. All those parts need to know that
17   that’s real normal, and, in fact, they’re even told not to
18   tell about that, they they’ve been threatened; and I
19   wonder if they were told to never tell that they were
20   threatened? And I wonder if they were told to not let the
21   fingers work very well? Uh-huh. Cause I think they
22   don’t work very well, and that’s not your fault; and I
23   wonder if the parts inside all the way down would someday
24   like to have them work so they can just finger-talk, and
1   maybe that would be fun? Yeah. Yeah. Things ever happen
2   to the fingers? Okay. I think they can’t really talk
3   about it. What they need to know is that things are -
4   y’all need to know things are really, really different
5   now; that, you know, the doctors, all of us, we take a
6   long time to figure out what maybe you all would like us
7   to know really quickly, and that is that you need to be
8   safe; and now all the people have begun to figure out how
9   safe you really need to be and last time Carol was in
10   the hospital for how long?
11 RS: Several weeks. It wasn’t for months. It was several
12   weeks.
13 DP: Several weeks, and Alice wasn’t protected, was she?
14 RS: No.
15 DP: I wonder if there are parts that worry about that? If
16   that will happen again? And what you really need to hear
17   is that things are different this time, and that why
18   you’re here. That it can begin to be really safe. My
19   sense is, though, that that was - that’s gonna be really
20   hard to know, and it’s hard to trust. (Pause) You know
21   those same fingers can make something move? Can we borrow
22   your chain? If those same fingers that get numb can do
23   something real different? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Can you let
24   it drop? Uh-huh. Let’s put it right here. Have you ever
1   done this before? It’s real amazing (UI). If those
2   fingers (UI) can hold onto like this? Can you do that?
3 RS: Can just enough feeling return to the fingers so that it
4   knows how to hold the chain? Just enough so that - there
5   you go, and then the rest of it can be real numb:
6 DP: Yeah.
7 RS: No feeling.
8 DP: And I wonder now if you can watch that, and see how it
9   moves. Uh-huh. And look at that down there, watch it,
10   because you can make it say, "no" and "yes", see which way
11   it moves. Uh-huh. And then you can all think, "no" and
12   see if it changes. Uh-huh. Isn’t that amazing? And then
13   you can all think, "stop". Wow, look at that. Boy, I
14   wonder if there are parts down deep now that can signal
15   that they, in some way, have been told not to ever talk
16   about things? Yeah. Uh-huh. And I wonder if there are
17   things what Alice doesn’t know anything about that are
18   real dangerous to know about? What does it say? Uh-huh.
19   And I wonder what Alice thinks when she sees that? Cause
20   we can ask all those parts if she’s wearing pinkish-red?
21   Uh-huh. That’s how you can test it out. Does she wear
22   glasses? Uh-huh. And are there parts down deep that are
23   glad she’s here? Uh-huh. And are there parts down deep
24   that don’t want to be here at all? (Pause) What’s
1   happening inside? Mind your own business, hum? Are there
2   parts down deep that -
3 PT: That was pretty obvious. (laughs)
4 DP: And I really honor that, uh-huh, that you all direct
5   therapy; and I wonder if there are parts that have been
6   wanting to say "Hello" to Alice? Yeah. When you do
7   that, you need to not shock her so she falls out of her
8   chair onto the floor. You have to kind of start quietly.
9   I wonder if there’s a part that might want to say "Hello"?
10   (Pause) Take a real brave part to do that (Pause)
11   What’s going on? (Pause) Someone’s going to have to help
12   me now understand "yes" and "no" because I’m sitting at a
13   funny angle and I can’t see.
14 PT: That appeared to be "no", thinking.
15 DP: Uh-huh. Are there parts that Alice’s not supposed to know
16   about that could come out and talk to us, if they felt
17   like they could trust us, trust the situation? Are there
18   parts that can write? And stick it in an envelope? Okay.
19   All right. Now, Alice’s going to have to let them do it.
20   And those parts that want to write need to know that we
21   therapists won’t share that with Alice until you’re ready,
22   not a word. Not a word, can’t drag it out of us; and is
23   there a part inside that really giggles, and makes Alice
24   laugh?
1 PT: And there’s a real serious part, too.
2 DP: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Those parts need to really look us over,
3   really, really, really closely; check us out; and know
4   that we’re really here to help, in a way you’ve never had
5   help before, and really want it. Are there some parts
6   inside that are real young? Uh-huh. Well, just in case
7   they’re hiding, there are things to play with here, just
8   in case they’re interested. (Pause) And they wouldn’t be
9   punished, nor hurting. Is that a new idea? To the parts
10   inside? Yeah. No hurting. No more. (Pause) You know
11   you’re okay.
12 RS: Would it be safe for any of the parts to look around the
13   room to see if it would be all right?
14 DP: Just to take a peek at us? Don’t have to talk.
15   (Pause)
16 RS: It’s not necessary to come out and look at us now. You
17   don’t have to do that until you’re ready.
18 DP: ’Cause you have choices now that no one will make you do
19   anything you don’t want to do. And that may be real
20   different. And tonight (UI) very important you’re hearing
21   us.
22   (Pause)
23 PS: There is an awful lot of mixed feelings, I think, that the
24   parts have. Very confused by it all.
1 DP: Um, my guess is that they’re really, really frightened,
2   Dr. Seward, that, that they...
4 DP: Maybe they might want to write about what they need for
5   safety. They may have questions about us, about what we
6   mean by that and how we can help them.
7   (Pause)
8 DP: They’re drawing.
9 RS: Uh-huh. You asked for a turn.
10 DP: Let’s see. Do you know how to help her get her fingers
11   back? Want some lunch? Do you know how to help her do
12   that? (UI).
13 RS: She’s done it on her own before because I’ve told them
14   that it’s only temporary until we’re, we’re through.
15 DP: Oh. I see.
16 RS: So the feelings can come back to her fingers, when we’re
17   through.
18 DP: Do you know how to get them back? Well, ask her. I think
19   she’s ready to. Is she ready to?
20 RS: I don’t know that question.
21 DP: You’ve all been terrific. How do you enjoy things like
22   hypnosis? That’s what you’re doing all on your own
23   because you’re so talented. You’re so talented.
24 AB: (UI). Thank you.
1 DP: Did you know that you can do that on your own? What do
2   you think of that?
3 AB: Neat.
4 DP: Yeah. Can you feel your fingers now?
5 AB: Uh-huh.
6 DP: Wow, that’s fantastic. Where did you get that chain
7   you’re wearing? I didn’t see that before. Huh?
8 AB: This one’s from my mom, and this one’s from my friend.
9 DP: Well, what do they mean?
10 AB: It’s just something - I don’t know. My mom got this from
11   Avon and my friend gave me this a long time ago.
12 DP: What’s the other thing?
13 AB: This is just a star and this is just a chain. It’s just a
14   plain chain.
15 PT: Is it an S chain? Huh? Is that an S chain? Uh-huh.
16 DP: If her fingers were still numb, Dr. Seward, I would be
17   asking them about what (UI) right now while working on
18   safety, if she’d be willing to take that off (UI) that one
19   chain. Put them away for a little while in a safe place
20   with your name on them? Would you be willing to do that?
21 AB: Uh-huh.
22 DP: Uh-huh? What does that feel like inside when I ask?
23 AB: Okay.
24 RS: Do you have other chains that your mom gave you?
1 AB: Unh-unh. No.
2 DP: Think that might help.
3 PT: You have rings (UI).
4 AB: (UI)
5 DP: Do you have other jewelry with you?
6 AB: Just my bracelet.
7 DP: Yeah? Where did that come from?
8 AB: My friend gave it to me for Christmas. This one came from
9 my friend, too.
10 PS: Same friend?
11 AB: Unh-unh. No.
12 DP: How about you help me again, in terms, just want to make
13   sure it’s in an envelope.
14 AB: Okay.
15 DP: When you want it.
16 AB: Okay. Can I get off UR?
17 DP: I don’t understand. I’m real confused. Can you help me?
18 AB: I think I can be off UR.
19 DP: I guess I don’t understand yet.
20 AB: Do you know what UR is?
21 DP: Yes, honey. (laughs) That’s not the part I’m confused
22   about.
24 AB: Okay.
1 DP: That’s not the part I’m confused about. The part is -
2 AB: I’m sorry.
3 PT: (laughs) Isn’t Dr. Peterson cute?
4 DP: That’s okay. No. No. Yeah, actually you can tell
5   everybody I don’t know anything about UR. No, actually
6   I’m wondering about how that would fit with just - you
7   really talking to parts down deep and saying that I really
S   want you to feel real safe, that that’s, would be two
9   messages that are opposites, and I’d really like those
10   parts to feel real safe, especially while doing something
11   new, which is journaling, about things that they’re gonna
12   - journal about that they remember what you know about,
13   but we need to know more about your safety first.
14 RS: We’d also talked about writing things and putting it in an
15   envelope, so that - and it should be outside the journal.
16 DP: Yes.
17 AB: Yeah. So wouldn’t being off UR just mean I’d go to
18   breakfast and lunch and that’s it?
19 PS: I’m not certain yet um, about school. Are you allowed to
20   school with Ms. Ashcraft?
21 AB: I don’t know. My dad hasn’t said. He’s only come once
22   since I’ve been here, and he might be out there right now.
23 DP: My concern is would you feel real safe, and, you know, I
24   think that you may have a different sense of what that’s -
1   the safety needs are than the parts that talked tonight,
2   but they have different needs than you have. They may
3   need to feel safer. Could you let them be safe, those
4   parts?
5 AB: I don’t know. I’d kind of like to get off.
6 DP: Maybe those parts could talk to Alice um, in journaling or
7   in your writing to us about your safety. I don’t think
8   Alice knows what’s going on. She thinks I don’t know
9   about UR. (laughs)
10 AB: Well -
11 DP: What?
12 AB: It’s boring on the unit. - Cause I just sit and do
13   nothing.
14 DP: Sometimes nothing is better than something.

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