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USA v. Peterson, et al. - Transcripts of Tapes of Therapy Sessions

Tape #407, Side A - Date: 8/31/1992

Certain patient names in this text have been changed by request.

SD: Sylvia Davis

AB: Alice Brown

UF: Unknown Female

UI: Unintelligible

  (Beginning of Side A)
1 SD: (clears throat)
2 UF: Maybe I should put it about right there; so if they go for a walk.
3 SD: Um hmmm.
4 AB: Where's DR. SEWARD?
5 SD: He's back at the hospital. So uh, I hope he'll see you today. But I'm not sure.
6   (Pause)
7 SD: (clears throat) Well, I keep backing up here. This is the 31st, 30th, 29h. The 29th was
8   um Saturday. The 28th...
9 AB: Was Friday.
10 SD: ...was Friday. So you have worked through those issues of wanting to kill yourself, huh?
11 AB: A little bit, yeah.
12 SD: Um hmm. If you ah, stressed that very much, that would be a good way of ending your
13   insurance and getting you released from hospital.
14 AB: What?
15 SD: I think, if you think there is still some parts inside that would endanger the body...
1 AB: Uh-huh?
2 SD: ... than you need to, um, be more specific about that That you've partly worked your way
3   through those issues.
4 AB: I said I worked my way through some of them.
5 SD: Well, this says uh, patient reports that she herself used to feel that way, that is
6   suic... wanting to hurt herself, but has worked through those issues. Sounds as though you
7   were real empathic with your fear, with your fear. But when, when you you project
8   yourself as being all well, they chart that stuff, you really um, you know if that's the truth
9   then we should hurry up your treatment and get you discharged. Do you know what I
10   mean? Because it's fraudulent to keep you if you've worked through all of those issues.
11 AB: I didn't say worked through all of them.
12 SD: Well, you said uh, patient reported that she herself used to feel that way but has worked
13   through those issues.
14 AB: I didn't say all of them.
15 SD: Okay. You need to be very careful with your wording in groups and things like that. Not
16   to present yourself healthier than you are, but if you really have worked through your stuff
17   you know...
18 AB: Jesus...
19 SD: Jesus? What do you mean?
20 AB: I say one thing in group and... God.
1 SD: Well, you were obviously being a um, being a good group member and showing uh, a lot
2   of affect about missing your mother and your dad, and, and you were being supportive of
3   your peers. It sounds like you were being a good group member. It's that, just when you
4   talk about your own stuff you need to really be accurate about it. Cause we don't want to
5   keep you here fraudulently if you've really worked through all of your safety issues. Do
6   you know what I mean? (Pause) And you brought up the issue of the dolphin film it also
7   says, but only in the context that it made her mad that animals are treated that way. Not
8   that it had scared you, very badly. Um hmm. Is it okay if I tell you these little things, to
9   help you stay, keep yourself protected? ALICE? ALICE? KAR-REN? ALICE? Is
10   it okay if I point out these little things, that could get you a problem? The way you're
11   looking, I guess it's not alright. You're looking all crunched up like I'd said you were
12   dumb or stupid or something. And I didn't say those things. Why don't you put words to
13   squeeze in that thing. Like dammit, dammit charting or whatever it is. What are the
14   words that go with squeezing that that way?
15 AB: I hate the staff.
16 SD: Okay, say more. Good. Came right out of your mouth. Got no problem with you saying
17   that. Say more. Say more.
18 AB: I don't see why they go and chart everything.
19 SD: Well, that's their job. And lots of stuff that they reported I'm sure was real accurate. And
20   showed you were really being a good strong group member. (clears throat) Did you ever
1   get my postcard?
2 AB: Um hmm.
3 SD: Okay. Both of them?
4 AB: Um hmm.
5 SD: Okay. What would you like to talk about today? Is this your stuff you want me to read or
6   the others?
7 AB: Everything.
8 SD: Every every thing? Okay. Who's JACKIE?
9 AB: One of the parts inside that came out when PAIGE was here.
10 SD: Oh, okay. She's gonna see you this week.
11 AB: She never came last week.
12 SD: Um hmm. I know.
13 AB: She never comes anymore. She just, didn't come that one time and she hasn't come since.
14 SD: Well, you've done a lot of writing here.
15 AB: It's a letter to my mom.
16 SD: Oh, I'm sorry.
17 AB: You can read it.
18 SD: Usually you know how I, how I read things, through things backwards and I was just, I
19   was just glancing at that. Um, do you want me to read it?
20 AB: It doesn't matter.
1 SD: Well, I could wait and read that then okay? But I think that's neat that you would do
2   that. And work on some of your um, issues that way. Some of the sadness and loneliness.
3   You've quit referring to BA as dad?
4 AB: Um hmm.
5 SD: Um hmm
6 AB: He's not my dad
7 SD: Um hmm.
8 AB: I don't have a real dad.
9 SD: Um hmm. (Pause) Good. So, you're progressing along with the feelings about, he's not
10   going into, in for treatment. (Pause) Um hmm. I've found, kind of a bad time for your
11   mom. This is a very precious letter. Very nice.
12 AB: I want her to have it. And her doctor, for her to read it.
13   (garbled speed, sounds like tape stops, starts again)
14 SD: It's just, I don't...
15   (Tape stops)
16   (End of Side A)

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