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USA v. Peterson, et al.

Other Lawsuits Brought by Former Patients

Some of the former patients who have brought lawsuits against therapists associated with the Dissociative Disorders Unit at Spring Shadows Glen are:

Abney v. Therapists.
In the District Court of Harris County, Texas, 11th Judicial District, Case No. 93-054106
Lucy Abney and two daughters.
In April 1995, suit settled through mediation for an undisclosed sum under confidentiality agreement.
See FMSF Newsletter, October, 1993 and June 1995

Carl v Peterson et al.
U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, Case No. H-95-661.
Lynn Carl and her son and daughter.
Treatment for two years cost $2 million.
All but two defendants settled out of court during 1996. In August 1997 jury heard case against treating psychiatrist, Keraga, and awarded nearly $5.8 million.
See FMSF Newsletters, April, 1995; September, 1994, September 1996; October 1997.

Gornic v Peterson, Seward, and Spring Shadows Glen Psychiatric Hospital.
Harris County, Texas
Sharon Gornic
Settled as to all defendants in March 1996. All terms of settlement remain confidential.
See FMSF Newsletter May 1996.

Janice Granata (Outcome unknown)

Roome v Memorial City General Hospital Corporation, Spring Shadows Glen, Peterson et al.
164 Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, Case No. 94-011879
Alison Roome
Treatment cost $600,000
Suit settled for undisclosed amount under confidentiality agreement in January 1996.
See FMSF Newsletter September, 1995.

Schwiderski v Peterson et al.
129th Judicial District, Harris County, Texas, Case No. 93-0254348. See also Court of Appeals of Texas, First Dist., Houston, No. 01-96-0174-CV, April 4, 1996.
Kathryn Morgan Schwiderski, husband and children
After seven years of treatment bills totaled $2 million.
Settled with various defendants between October 1995 and December 1996 under confidential agreements.
See FMSF Newsletters October, 1993; December, 1993; September 1995 and January 1997.

Shanley v Peterson et al.
U.S. District Court, Houston Division, Case No. H 94 4162
Mary Shanley
Treatment lasted three years and cost more than $2 million.
Settled out of court with Texas defendants 5/96, terms confidential.
See FMSF Newsletter March 1998.

Ronald Steck and Carol Buls (Outcome unknown)

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