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USA v. Peterson, et al.

Katherine H. Steele, M.N., C.S.

Ms. Steele received her BSN(nursing) from the University of South Carolina in 1978 and her MN(psych/mental health) from Emory University in 1983. Since 1985, Ms. Steele has conducted a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in Dissociative Disorders and PTSD in adults. She has spoken at a great many conferences on topics related to MPD or treating adult survivors of sexual abuse. She has given joint presentations with Judith Peterson, and is a Member of the ISSD Executive Council for 1997-2000. A partial listing of available video and audio is listed below.

Kathy Steele Bibliography

Clinical Training Videos from Cavalcade Productions
"Mastering Traumatic Memories"

Judith Peterson, PhD, Roberta Sachs, PhD, and Kathy Steele, MN, use role-play sequences to demonstrate techniques for dealing with clients’ trauma histories.

I. Introduction Interview, Abreaction provides a comprehensive introduction, as well as a model proparatory interview and a sample abreactive session. #D-228
Purchase $150, rental $50

II. Special Issues explores a variety of difficult clinical situations: alters who block therapy, self-mutilation, spontaneous abreactions, homicidal alters, out-of-control behavior, and character pathology. #D-229
Purchase, $125, rental $40

III. Advances Techniques demonstrates specific therapeutic techniques, including: age regression, cognitive restructuring, hypnotic fractionation, and time distortion. #D-229A
Purchase $95, rental $35

Audio Transcripts, Ltd
3660-B Wheeler Ave
Alexandria, VA 22304
703-370-8273 phone 703-370-5162 fax

The Dissociation Audio Library (1989-1933)

Tape 512-89-Vld. THEORETICAL CONCEPTS IN THE TREATMENT OF MPD - Chair: Richard Hicks, Ph.D.; The System Model for Use in therapy for Multiple Personality Disorder - Robert Hayes, MHDL; Jean M. Watson, Ph.D.: Clinical Phenomenology of Multiple Personality Disorder - Phillip G. Lindsay, M.D.; Robert B. Olsen, M.D.; Unfreezing the Moment: Resolving the Existential Crisis of Trauma in the Dissociative Patient - Kathy Steele, M.M., R.N., C.S.; An Associative Network Model of Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders - Jean L. Yates; William Nasby. $11.00

Tape 683-91-Vlle. DIAGNOSIS - Chair Richard Horevitz, Ph.D.; Differential Diagnosis of Dissociative Disorders in Children - Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D.; Is It Really Multiple Personality Disorder? - Joyce H. Vesper, Ph.D.;; Gerie Lerner Leshin, M.D.; Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociative Disorders in Chemically Dependent Adolescents - Sharon M. Green, MSW; A Preliminary Report on the Relationship Between Alexithymia and Dissociative Disorders - Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N.; Maureen Ann O'Toole, Ph.D. $11.00

Tape 683-91-IVa. THE USE OF HYPNOSIS - Chair: Marlene Hunter, M.D.; Enhancing the Hospital Treatment of Dissociative Disorder Patients by Developing Nursing Expertise in the Application of Hypnotic Techniques without Formal Trance Induction - Richard Kluft, M.D.; Treatment Protocols for Spontaneous Abreactive Memory Work - Joanna Colrain, M.Ed; Kathy Steele, R.N,m M.N.; Hypnotic Techniques Recommended to Assist in Associating the Dissociation: Abreaction - Judith Peterson, Ph.D. $11.00

Tape 705-92-23. Treatment Strategies for Planned Abreactions: Theory, Process and Techniques - Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N.; Joanna Colrain, M.Ed. $12.00

Tape 742-92-41. Psychotherapy with Survivors of Ritualized Abuse: Strategy, Technique and Perspective - Joanna Colrain, M.Ed.; Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N., C.S. 4 Cassettes, $110.00

Tape 834-93-48. Therapists' Retreat: Integrating Your Personal and Professional Self - Day One - David L. Calof; Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N., C.S. 4 Cassettes, $85.00

Tape 834-93-49. Therapists' Retreat: Integrating Your Personal and Professional Self - Day Two - David L. Calof; Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N., C.S. 4 Cassettes, $85.00

Department #851-93
Fifth Annual Multiple Personality Disorder and Dissociation Conference September 16-18, 1993
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
General Sessions 04. Sequencing and Treatment Planning for Dissociative Patients...Kathy Steele
Concurrent Sessions F. Memory Processing Techniques...Kathy Steele
Individual Cassettes $12.00 each

Department #860-93
The Tenth International Conference on Multiple Personality/Dissociative States
Bennett G. Braun, M.D., Program Chairman
Chicago, Illinois
October 16, 1993
Tape XC. Treatment 2 - Trauma, Beliefs, and Recovery...Kevin J. Connors, MS, MFCC; The Treatment of Traumatic Memory: Synthesis, Realization, and Integration...Onno van der Hart, PhD; Suzette Boon, PhD; Kathy Steele, MN; Traumatized Thinking and the Treatment of Traumatic Memory...Barbara Friedman, MA, MFCC
$12.00 each Cassette

Conference #909-94 The Fifth Annual Southeastern Regional Conference on Dissociative Disorders
Advances in Understanding, Diagnosis & Treatment
The Ridgeview Institute
March 4-5, 1994
Atlanta, Georgia
Concurrent Sessions 20. MPD in Prison: Panel Discussion on Assessment & Treatment...Gregory Jarvie, PhD, chair, Jessie Harris-Bathrick, MA, Beverly Jones, Chris McGinnis, Maureen O'Toole, PhD, and Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS
$12.00 each Cassette

Conference #941-94
Sixth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse, Trauma, and Dissociation
Training in Treatment
June 9-14, 1994
Alexandria, Virginia
Pre & Post-Conference Courses $85.00/Session
57. What Works: Effective Self-Management of MPD...Eileen A. Grellert, PsyD.; Elizabeth H. Power; Lynn W.; and Kathy Steele, R.N., M.N., C.S., moderator (Four Cassettes)

Conference #973-94
The 11th International Conference on Dissociative States
Sponsored by: Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center and Rush North Shore Medical Center
November 3-5, 1994
Tape IVc. Theoretical Considerations: Chair: John Curtis, MD, FRPC(C); Time Distortion Phenomena in MPD: Concepts and Treatment...Onno van der Hart, PhD; Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS; Beyond Shattered Assumptions: Towards a New Personal Theory of Reality...Kathy Steele, RN, MN, CS; Onno van der Hart, PhD; Barbara Friedman, MA, MFCC; Dissociation and Creativity...Karen Gainer, MSW
$12.00 per Cassette

Conference #1078-95
The International Society for the Study of Dissociation
12th International Fall Conference
September 14-17, 1995
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Mini-Workshops 402. Working with Resistance in Survivors...Kathy Steele, MS, RN, CS $12.00 per Cassette

Educational Audiotapes Available from InfoMedix
12800 Garden Grove Boulevard, Suite F
Garden Grove, CA 92643

Institute for Advanced Clinical Training, Inc.
February 5-7, 1993
Anaheim, CA
Tapes F113-16AB $19.00 (2 Tapes) Special Considerations in the Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse, K. Steele, J. Colrain
Tape F113-23 Working with "Characterological" Issues, Y. Dolan, C. Courtois, K. Steele, R. Schwartz $9.50
Tape F113-26 Personal and Existential Dilemmas of Therapists Who Work with Survivors, C. Courtois, K. Steele, J. Colrain $9.50
Tapes F113-33AB $19.00 (2 Tapes) Assessment of Dissociative Symptoms in Survivors of Sexual Abuse, K. Steele

The Institute for Advanced Clinical training, Inc.
November 5-7, 1993
Washington, D.C.
Tapes F258-14AB $19.00 (2 Tapes) Concepts & Techniques in Traumatic Memory Work, K. Steele

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Training, Inc.
March 10-13, 1994
LaJolla, CA
Tapes MG139-33AB $19.00 (2Ttapes) Concepts and Techniques in Traumatic Memory Work, L. Steele
Tapes MG139-42AB $19.00 (2 Tapes) The Invisible Trauma: Treatment of Neglect and Its Consequences in Abuse Survivors, K. Steele

The Institute for Advanced Clinical Training, Inc.
3rd Annual Conference in Treating Survivors of Sexual Abuse November 3-6, 1994
Baltimore, Maryland
Tapes G250-33AB $17.00 (2 Tapes) Advanced Issues in the Management of Countertransference, K. Steele
Tapes G250-37AB $17.00 (2 Tapaes) The Invisible Trauma: Treatment of Neglect and Its Consequences in Abuse Survivors, K. Steele

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