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USA v. Peterson, et al.

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., N.A.S.

Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D, is renowned for her groundbreaking work on the malleability of human memory. She is Distinguished Professor at UC Irvine, where she holds faculty positions in the schools of Social Ecology, Social Sciences and Law.

Since earning a doctorate in psychology at Stanford University, Loftus has published 22 books (including the award-winning Eyewitness Testimony) and 500 scientific articles. Her 30 years of research have focused on the misinformation effect, eyewitness fallibility, and the creation and nature of false memories. Loftus has contributed her expertise to hundreds of high-profile criminal cases.

Dr. Loftus is a past president of the Association for Psychological Science. She has received six honorary doctorates and has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. In a list of the 100 most eminent psychologists of the 20th century, the journal Review of General Psychology placed Loftus at No. 58, making her the top-ranked woman.

In the repressed-memory wars, Dr. Loftus has been a visible and vocal defender of those victimized by false memories of childhood sexual abuse. In her book The Myth of Repressed Memory, (with co-author Katherine Ketcham), Dr. Loftus succinctly sums up her view of the false-memory phenomenon, which she describes as "a world-wide crisis."

No one should be surprised by Dr. Loftus’ dedication in The Myth of Repressed Memory. It reads: "Dedicated to the principles of science, which demand that any claim to ‘truth’ be accompanied by proof."

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