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Illinois Department of Professional Regulation v. Bennett Braun, M.D.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998.

Chicago, Illinois.
Preliminary Hearing

Update on disciplinary action by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation against Bennett Braun, M.D.

On Monday September 28, 1998 a preliminary hearing was held before Administrative Law Judge Philip Howe in the disciplinary case of the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation v. Bennett Braun. Braun was represented by attorney Harvey Harris and Thomas Glasgow, chief of medical prosecutions spoke for the State.

Attorneys for the defense entered a motion to have the case against Braun thrown out, saying that the state was past the statute of limitations for filing its complaint. Thomas Glasgow noted that the law gives the state a year to file after it receives notice of a court settlement involving a doctor.

Dr. Braun is a well-known psychiatrist and a leader in the field of recovered memory therapy who initiated and headed the dissociative unit at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago until it was closed last January. In November, 1997 Braun and Rush-Presbyterian settled a suit with former patient Patricia Burgus for $10.6 million. Ann Kadish, a spokeswoman for Rush North Shore Medical Center has said that the closure of the controversial unit was a business decision and that Braun still has the rights to see patients at the hospital.

Braun is accused of instilling the belief in Patricia Burgus that she and her children were part of a satanic and cannibalistic cult. Burgus was hospitalized for more than two years and her then 4- and 5-year-old children were kept in the hospital for about three years. Burgus said, "It was brutal. It was brainwashing."

Since the action against Braun was filed by the state, several other former patients have come forward and in the next month the state is expected to amend the complaint by including up to four other former patients.

This summary is based on an article by Steve Warmbit in the Chicago Daily Herald (Legal Affairs), "State pushes case against doctor," 9/29/98.

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