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Spring Shadows Glen is an exclusive private psychiatric hospital on the city's west side, located at 2801 Gessner Street, Houston, Texas 77080. According to reporter Ann Hodges, Memorial Health Care System took over Spring Shadows Glen in 1994 (Houston Chronicle, October 24, 1995). In the trial documents, Memorial City General Hospital Corp is named as the owner.

In 1991 the Dissociative Disorders Unit was formed. Doctors on the unit included Drs. Kruger, Raymond and Curie. In the same year a position was created for Dr. Judith Peterson who described herself as an expert in satanic ritual abuse.

In October 1992 the state Department of Mental Health-Mental Retardation cited problems with the Spring Shadows Glen dissociative disorders unit.

The hospital's controversial dissociative disorders unit was closed in March 1993, after state investigators cited the unit for excessive use of physical restraints on patients, censorship of patient mail and phone calls and, in one case, making a patient's discharge contingent upon safety from a 'satanic cult.' (Mark Smith, Houston Chronicle, August 10, 1997)

More than a dozen patients have filed lawsuits against therapists at the former Spring Shadows Glen Hospital alleging that "therapists planted false memories of abuse after the patients were diagnosed with multiple personality disorder." (Mark Smith, Houston Chronicle, August 16, 1997)

During one 18-month period, 12 nurses left the Spring Shadows Glen Hospital. Sally McDonald, a former nurse manager who now lives in Perth, Australia, has testified that she was demoted after she criticized the treatment of patient in the dissociative disorders unit. (Mark Smith, Houston Chronicle, August 10, 1997)

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