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Drs. Bennett G. Braun, Roberta Sachs and Corydon Hammond have been named as unindicted co-conspirators in a criminal fraud case now being tried in Houston, Texas. For information on the criminal case, see the False Memory Syndrome Foundation's web site covering the trial.

These three persons participated with others in the production of an audio tape discussing ritual child abuse and purporting to present a "professional overview" of the subject. Portions of the tape are transcribed below.

Reproduced from the

F M S F O U N D A T I O N    N E W S L E T T E R
     (e-mail edition)
Vol 3 No. 4, April 5, 1994
Cavalcade Productions, Inc. on

Transcribed selections from the tape:

The Cast:

Medical Director, Dissociative Disorder Program, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

Clinical Psychologist, Encino, CA

University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT

Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Training Director, Dissociative Disorder Program,
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Lukes Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

Psychiatrist, Harber-UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA

Medical Director, Combine Psychiatric Center, Littleton, CO

GOULD: [The reports] include lots of sexual abuse, drugging of the children, pornographic pictures being taken, threats to the child and to the child’s family, animal killings and blood rituals and even human sacrifice including the child being forced to perpetrate in that sacrifice which of course is probably the most damaging aspect of the abuse itself. But I think that one of the most difficult aspects of abuse in out-of-home day-care to cope with is that the fact that we’re finding that you can abuse a hundred children ritualistically with all the overlay of terror and brainwashing that’s been discussed and pretty much a hundred children will keep the secret of their abuse until there's some kind of intervention.

HAMMOND: Some of the children may retract a story at some point because, for example, they’ve seen people killed...After all the senses have been broken down in every conceivable way with electric shocks, with drugs, with fatigue, with lack of food they can be conditioned to do things on cue. And very strongly brainwashed. We’ve seen people in Korea who were brainwashed but these are children who are completely controlled by the cult that they’re in.

KLUFT: You hear a kid who’s obviously hurting saying something that probably just couldn’t be, and you say well, I guess it couldn’t be. Actually, that account that couldn’t be is a tell-tale sign of something that was so overwhelming that the child could not retain it and could not process it in the normal sequential way.

YOUNG: Oftentimes in adults who are describing their own abuse one can then also find the old wounds of things they have described in the reports of their own abuse. I guess what we keep asking, why don’t we find more evidence of it? I don’t think there’d be anyone trying to advertise satanic activity of this sort publicly. Obviously it would be a secret activity.

GOULD: The cases in my own practice represent approximately fifteen different preschools in the Los Angeles area none of which have been closed down since these disclosures have been made, all of which continue to operate and presumably to perpetrate.

YOUNG: It’s not uncommon for an adult to suddenly recollect events which were occurring when they were small that had been completely held in a state of amnesia. During the course of treatment they began to recover and report events of a satanic type and these can be such things as having adults participate in human and animal sacrifice even as young as three years of age.

SACHS: Patients that I have dealt with who remained in the cult and became active perpetrators and became leaders of the cult, when they began to discover what they have done at an adult level there is really very little desire to live. They lose all reason for going on. It's a very difficult treatment issue to work with because it’s a reality. Whether they’ve been programmed or brainwashed or whatever, the truth is they have participated in blatant murder.

YOUNG: Two examples I might just make. One was a young girl who described a fire at a ceremony being chosen to be thrown in and burned in the fire but they said that she could save herself if she picked another child to be burned which she claimed is what happened and she has to try to live with that experience. A second was a young girl who to show complete obedience...brought her best friend into a ceremony knowing that child would be sacrificed.

HAMMOND: What we’re talking about here goes beyond child-abuse or beyond the brainwashing of Patty Hearst or Korean-War veterans. We’re talking about people -- in some cases who are coming to us as patients -- who were raised in satanic cults from the time they were born. Often cults that have come over from Europe, that have roots in the SS, in death-camp squads in some cases. These are children who tell us stories about being deprived of sleep all night, of then being required to work at manual labor exhaustingly all day long without any food or water. When they reach a point of utter fatigue they may then watch other people tortured. Perhaps a finger might be cut off and hung around their neck on a chain or a string as a symbol to them that they had better be obedient. They may be given drugs.

BRAUN: What you’re trained to do is to self destruct if you should remember too much.

GOODWIN: Historical accounts of satanic cults: there was a monk who lived from about 300 AD to about 400 AD who in his youth before he became a monk, he later ended up as a bishop, entered briefly one of these cults, the Sybionite Cult it was called at the time and described and this was back now over 1500 years ago he was describing nocturnal feasts, chants, infant sacrifice, cannibalism, ritual use of excrement and various body excretions in a way that’s very similar to some of the fragments and material I’ve heard from patients.

SUMMIT: Around the country there are great numbers of centers that have been identified, most of them investigated, most of them confirmed by at least one agency, some fifty centers in my experience where this kind of complaint has been made by dozens to hundreds of children in each case.

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