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Webinar on Manufactured Memories and Wrongful Convictions

FMSF News Alert - April 15, 2018

Dear Friends,

On Tuesday, April 17th, Northern Michigan University will host a Webinar on Manufactured Memories and Wrongful Convictions.

The 90 minute Webinar will begin at 6:30PM EST (5:30PM CST).

To attend, simply login to NMU Zoom at

The Speakers will be:

Joan Roberts: Roberts is a Criminal Justice Major at NMU. She will discuss how manufactured memories relate to patient abuse and wrongful convictions. Her talk concentrates on how the lack of regulation in the mental health field permits dangerous therapies, which has led to vulnerable patients levying false criminal charges at tax payer expense.

Mark Pendergrast: Independent scholar and science writer Mark Pendergrast will explain how the myth of repressed memory arose with Sigmund Freud, then was reborn in the 1980’s and 1990’s as an epidemic of false memories. While repressed memory therapy was widely debunked by the late 1990’s, its practice did not disappear. The epidemic continues to produce thousands of victims each year, and many cases spill into the courts. The time is long overdue for reform in psychological education and practice along with legal reforms to ban any evidence based on recovered memories from our courts.

Guest Speakers: Two additional speakers will tell their personal experience with having been charged with crimes based on dubious recovered memories.

The link at will be available LIVE approximately one hour prior to the start of the seminar.

Arrangements have been made by the host such that default settings for attendee’s webcams and microphones will be turned off to help ensure anonymity of viewers.

J.Bean and Pamela