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Vox Interview with Henry Roediger

FMSF News Alert - April 3, 2017

Dear Friends,

We thought you may be interested in this Vox interview with FMSF Scientific Advisor Henry Roediger:

"...the more you repeatedly recall something, it might as well have happened. Let’s say I ask you to remember your 10th birthday party, and let’s say it was very memorable for some reason, so you thought about it often over the years. We have the illusion what we’re doing is thinking back to when [we were] 10 years old. Really, you’re probably thinking back to the last time you retrieved that memory, and so any influence that’s gone along the way [can alter memory]. "

"The human mind is incredibly susceptible to forming false memories. This tendency is kicked into overdrive on the internet, where false ideas are amplified and spread like a virus among like-minded people."

Vox Interview with Henry Roediger

J. Bean and Pam