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Time Warp

FMSF News Alert - October 13, 2017

Dear Friends,

How ‘Recovered Memory’ of Rape and Torture Tore a Family - and Australia - Apart

By Dana Kennedy

You may well wonder when the trial described in the Australian "recovered-memory" sexual abuse case that is the subject of this article took place. If it had been in the 1990s, it might not be so shocking, but it was in 2016.

How could it have happened? Would it have made any difference if the jury had known that the "memories" of the accuser had been recovered in therapy?

Click on the link below and read the fascinating article in the Daily Beast.

"The idea that people could completely forget years of childhood sexual abuse and then remember it later has become enshrined in the popular imagination, despite its widespread, scientific debunking. Then again it’s been 30 years since the McMartin preschool case and the Satanic cult hysteria and you have a new generation who don’t realize how unreliable and dangerous so-called repressed memories can be." - Mark Pendergrast

J.Bean and Pamela