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How Memory Research can be Applied to Criminal Cases

FMSF News Alert - August 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

A recent article in Wired Magazine demonstrates how memory research can be applied to criminal cases. Focused primarily on the studies of British criminal psychologist Julia Shaw, Ph.D., the article shows how the work of memory researchers has helped lawyers and police define authentic memories and avoid creating false memories.

Shaw’s research was greatly influenced by the memory-implantation studies of Elizabeth Loftus. "A lot of people were studying memory errors at the time, but they weren’t making it useful," said Shaw. Loftus "structured it in a way that people could take it into a courtroom."

We encourage you to read the article:

False Memories and False Confessions: the Psychology of Imagined Crimes. By Emma Bryce. Wired Magazine (July - August 2017), pp 141 - 147.

You might also find it of interest to check out the Recent Posts and Archives on the British False Memory Society Website:

Wired Magazine Article on False Memory

J.Bean and Pamela