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Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Awarded John Maddox Prize

FMSF News Alert - November 27, 2016

Dear Friends,

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Elizabeth Loftus as she receives the prestigious John Maddox Prize for persisting with her work in the area of false memories despite tremendous personal difficulty.

The John Maddox prize is a joint effort of the science journal Nature, The Kohn Foundation, and Sense About Science to honor researchers who promote sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest, while facing difficulty and hostility in doing so.

"The recognition is a good thing," Loftus told the Guardian. "After you have been through some of the things that happened to me - death threats, insults, lawsuits, people trying to drum up letter campaigns to get me fired - it’s really important to have something come along like this."

When [Dr. Loftus] needs reassurance, she turns to a folder she has labelled "WhenBlue". It is filled with letters of gratitude from accused people: "It’s my place to go when I need to be reminded that I’m on the right track." "You don’t see it in the news so much, but there are still families that are in a state of destruction on account of these unsupported accusations."

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J. Bean and Pam