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What Families Wrote

FMSF News Alert - September 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

We are fortunate that our daughter has come back - as if nothing ever happened. We have never talked about it, but there is one granddaughter who never writes "love" on her letters or emails. We will never know what those girls were told or what they think. We are still trying to dispose of all the presents we bought for them during their fifteen years of absence.


Most all of my former FMS group have moved, died or just gone on with life. We have not heard from our daughter or even been able to find her. Our oldest daughter has completely returned, but never talks about the estrangement and accusations except briefly.


We recently met another FMS family and had a wonderful afternoon and evening together. After going to a musical program, we went to dinner and shared stories while having serious talks and hearty laughs over our FMS stories.


My fractured family has finally healed, but with somewhat inflexible scars. My sister and I are good again, perhaps because I know how to avoid her fragile spots.


It has now been more than twenty years since our daughters, at the advice from one of their marriage counselors, separated themselves from us completely. Both of our daughters have been divorced. We crossed paths with one daughter at a funeral, but she refused to speak to either of us.

We still would like to break through the estrangement even though at 92 and 91 we can expect little beyond the hope of easing their final days from undue pangs of remorse...should they ever awaken from their false histories.


Pamela and J. Bean