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The Vielseits Safehouse

FMSF News Alert - May 8, 2014

Dear Friends,

This past January, a new Day Care and Residential Facility for clients diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder opened in Germany. The Vielseits Safehouse is funded by "Integration Assistance" (disability welfare) and donations. The program is specifically for those who claim to have been victims of ritual abuse. According to its founder, psychologist Gaby Breitenbach, the clients often report having been "programmed" by powerful people such as police, judges, politicians, and university personnel. These clients are said to be programmed to make false reports of murders in order to confuse authorities and to become suicidal after disclosing. Dr. Breitenbach also reports that many of their day clients leave therapy each evening, being picked up by the very person the client accuses of being his/her abuser.

We are reminded of the American folk stories of Paul Bunyan. Although Bunyan is said to be only 7 foot tall, the axe dragged by his ox is credited with forming the Grand Canyon. The stories of ritual abuse conspiracy contain the same inconsistency of such folklore - a network claimed to possess monumental power and yet is apparently stymied by a small group of therapists who allegedly reveal their secret.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, the "true story" of an American go-go dancer with multiple personalities, Frankie & Alice (starring Halle Barry) is getting poor reviews. The production is reported to have had many writers, including "Frankie’s" real-life psychotherapist, Dr. Oscar "Oz" Janiger. This is the first we’ve heard of Dr. Janiger’s work in the field of dissociative disorders. He is best known for his experimentation with LSD.

We wrote last month regarding some questions surrounding the Christian-based residential facility, Mercy Ministries. One past client of Mercy Ministries is now asking for a formal investigation, using an online petition at to garner support. If you would like to sign this petition, it can be found here: Sign Petition to ask for a formal investigation.

If you wish to sign but prefer your signature not be viewable on the website, simply unclick the check mark at the bottom of the petition.

A retreat in New South Wales Australia has come under scrutiny following the overdose death of one of its patients. The retreat, Heal for Life, was founded by Liz Mullinar, a film casting agent who herself recovered memories of satanic ritual abuse in the 1990’s.

Last month Dr. Richard Noll’s article Speak Memory was re-published in the Psychiatric Times - now with commentary/rebuttal from Dr. David Spiegel, Dr. Richard Kluft, and perhaps most notably, the infamous Dr. Bennett Braun. (Letters begin on page 3 following the article). We are pleased to see that the Psychiatric Times has chosen to facilitate this discussion rather than to disallow it.

A special thanks to all members who continue to send us updates on your families and news items of interest to all FMSF families. We appreciate your continued support.

J. Bean and Pam