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The False Memory Archive

FMSF News Alert - May 19, 2014

Dear Friends,

We think you will be pleased to see the exciting program from AR Hopwood’s False Memory Archives.

The tour has most recently been in Edinburgh, Scotland and is moving to the Freud Museum in London from June 11 - August 3rd. There will also be a parallel exhibit at the Carroll/Fletcher Project Space running from June 6th to July 12th.

"Hopwood has collaborated with psychologists to revisit key experiments, reflecting on the history and consequences of this provocative field of memory research including with Professor Elizabeth Loftus (University of California) and Professor Christopher French (Goldsmith’s College). The works collectively explore where the truth lies in a ‘false’ recollection, while questioning how a blend of fact and fiction can be used to challenge assumptions about memory."

The False Memory Archive

Pam and J. Bean