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NY Times Retro Report about Sybil and MPD Released November 24

FMSF News Alert - November 24, 2014

Dear Friends,

The book and movie "Sybil" gave tremendous credibility to belief in the reliability of recovered repressed memories in general and multiple personality disorder in particular. Now, more than 40 years after those works appeared, everything has changed. The New York Times Retro Report titles its newest program in the series: "Sybil: A Brilliant Hysteric?" and takes a contemporary perspective on the subject.

Using film archives we are able to hear Dr. Cornelia Wilbur with Sybil in a therapy session and see Dr. Wilbur and author Flora Schreiber on a Jerry Springer show.

We suspect that you will want to watch this report found at:

Debate Persists Over Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders Long After Sybil