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Further Commentary on Recent Discussions

FMSF News Alert - March 3, 2014

Dear Friends,

The following articles are further commentary on issues discussed in recent News Alerts. We thought you might find them of interest.


Dr. Allen Frances offers his regrets for not doing enough to combat the ritual abuse craze:

"As Chair of the DSM IV Task Force, I had a bully pulpit to point out the utter craziness of the fad. Instead, I justified my passivity on the grounds that it was not really my fight and that getting involved might compromise my neutrality as DSM IV Chair. These were lousy excuses, considering that innocent people were going to jail and kids were being traumatized by fake therapists who professed to be experts in childhood trauma."

Sex and Satanic Abuse Fad Revisited


In this month’s Skeptic Magazine, Carol Tavris, Ph.D., shares her thoughts on the public’s reaction to the Dylan Farrow accusations against Woody Allen:

"The problem, as studies of cognitive dissonance show, is that as soon as we take sides, the brain sees to it that we will justify and solidify our position by seeking only the information that confirms it, and deny, ignore or minimize evidence that we could be wrong."

"Most of all, we have to accept the most difficult lesson of critical thinking: tolerating uncertainty."

J. Bean and Pamela Freyd