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Digging for Bodies - Again!

FMSF News Alert - November 18, 2014

Dear Friends,

On September 24 of this year, the CBC aired the melodramatic story of Glenna Mae Breckenridge who believes that she remembers seeing her father murder three Aboriginal boys in July of 1955 on a farm North of Toronto.[1] She said that she witnessed these murders when she was nine years old. Glenna Mae believes that her father’s abuse of her caused three pregnancies and that she remembers where her father (now deceased) buried the boys and the fetuses. [2]

Paul Hunter is a journalist who helped Glenna Mae bring this story to the CBC. He worked three years with her looking for confirmation of her story, including searching government records. He found a 1996 video deposition in which Glenna Mae reported the murders and abuse to the police. That video referred to Glenna Mae’s "years of therapy" which helped her recall the details that she reported to the police. [3] The police had dismissed the case because there was no evidence and no reports of any missing boys from that time.

On November 16, 2014, the CBC issued a brief report stating that the police had excavated the spots where Glenna Mae was certain the bodies had been buried. [2] The results: Nothing but an expensive bill for the police, and, we suspect, a very embarrassed journalist and CBC.

It is truly chilling to read that this is still happening in 2014 with the wealth of scientific evidence available that should have produced a warning for all involved.

Pamela Freyd

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[2]. CBC report: No bodies found

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