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TED Talk - Loftus

FMSF News Alert - October 16, 2013

This past June, FMSF advisor Dr. Elizabeth Loftus presented a speech entitled "The Fiction of Memory" at the annual TED Global Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit organization devoted to innovative ideas. Each speaker has 18 minutes to present "the talk of their lives" on global issues affecting today’s world.

As Dr. Loftus explains, "I don’t study when people forget. I study when they remember - when they remember things that didn’t happen or remember things that are different than they really were. I study false memories."

Dr. Loftus describes how she became involved with cases of repressed memory and designed experiments using the same techniques employed by repressed memory therapists to create false memories in her subjects. She also talks about the personal repercussions she’s faced as a result of her work.

Link: Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory - TED Global 2013

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