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Man in UK Cleared of Historic Abuse Charges

FMSF News Alert - June 18, 2013

Dear Friends,

A man in England has been cleared of charges of abuse and rape that allegedly happened 30 years ago.

The accusations arose when a woman, now in her 40s, went to a counselor who recommended the book "The Courage to Heal." The woman claimed the abuse happened in a house in which 10 people were living and that the accused made her watch pornographic videos. There were inconsistencies in the woman’s statements. For example, there was no video recorder in the house at the time of the alleged abuse.

Dr. Janet Boakes, testified for the defense noting that there is no evidence that a normal response to trauma is to forget it. "The normal response to a serious or significant trauma of any kind is that it can’t be forgotten: It haunts you," she said.

A jury found the man not guilty on all counts.

See: Coleman, Phil. "". News & Star June 15, 2013

* * *

On this side of the Atlantic, a group in New Jersey is pressing for legislation that would make it a crime to use undue influence to separate children from their families.

Concerned New Jersey citizens are working with New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg to draft legislation to protect families from the disruption of the parent-child relationship. According to the group’s website:

"The bill under consideration would create a civil cause of action to enable parents to seek court-ordered steps to restore healthy family connections and to recover damages against any person whose severe or pervasive conduct disrupts the parent-child relationship up to age 18. Protection ultimately may be extended to include those over age 18, as well as the elderly."

The text of the draft bill can be found at: