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Favorite Quotes

FMSF News Alert - August 23, 2013

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, a member sent us two of her favorite quotes from Carl Sagan about recovered memories. It occurred to us that each of you probably has a favorite quote or quotes, and we wondered if you would be willing to share them with us. We thought that it would be great fun to read and share them.

When you send your quote to J. Bean, please include the source citation if you can. And as enthusiastic as you may get in this endeavor, please limit your reply to no more than four (4) quotes.

Below are the one of the quotes that inspired this email and another three that are a favorite of one of us:

"This is the greatest psychological psychiatric quackery of the twentieth century."
--Richard Ofshe

Quoted in Warren J (1994, April 6) Trial focuses on Validity of recovered memories: Psychiatry: A man’s malpractice suit against his daughter’s therapists says they created her visions of incest. LA Times. Retrieved on August 21, 2013 from

"When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not."
--Mark Twain

1907 March 1, The North American Review, Memories of a Southern Farm: A Chapter From Mark Twain’s Autobiography - XIII by Mark Twain, Start Page 449, Quote Page 451, (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa), Franklin Square, New York. (Verified on microfilm)

"Both sexual abuse therapists and alien abduction therapists spend months, sometimes years, encouraging their subjects to remember being abused. Their methods are similar, and their goals are in a way the same -- to recover painful memories, often of long ago."
--Carl Sagan

Sagan, Carl. (1995). The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, NY: Random House Publishing, Pg 165.

"When I realized what had been done to me, I called a good psychologist. I told him, "These flashbacks seemed so real, I mean they were really real." He said, ‘They were real, Honey, but not reality.’"
--Laura Pasley.

Pasley, L. (Retractor) (1996). qtd in: Pendergrast, Mark. Victims of Memory: Sex Abuse Accusations and Shattered Lives. Hinesburg, Vt : Upper Access Books.

J. Bean and Pam