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Awards for Advisors Beck and Loftus

FMSF News Alert - November 15, 2013

Dear Friends,

Please join us in congratulating two of our FMSF advisory board members on their recent accolades.

Dr. Aaron T. Beck

In October, Dr. Aaron Beck became the first ever recipient of the Kennedy Community Mental Health Award. Known as "The Father of Cognitive Therapy", Dr. Beck was bestowed this award as one of the most influential individuals in the mental health community.

Dr. Beck first joined our Advisory Board in 1995, calling the FMSF "A very valuable enterprise". His work is described in this 2009 article from The American Scientist:

"I concluded that psychoanalysis was a faith-based therapy," he has said, "and that if I was going to practice or teach therapy, it had to be empirically driven."

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus

This past August, FMSF Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus was awarded the American Psychological Foundation’s Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology for her pioneering research on memory distortion.

Dr. Loftus’ work has been vital in our understanding of false memories.

A recent article in Nature Magazine describes some of Dr. Loftus’ research and accomplishments:

"Loftus became convinced that well-meaning psychotherapists could inadvertently implant false memories into patients’ minds, and her subsequent testimonies led to a row between therapists who believed their patients were recovering lost memories and researchers who thought something else was afoot."

J. Bean and Pam