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Anderson Cooper Features Mom with 20 Personalities - Call to Action

FMSF News Alert - February 13, 2013

DAYTIME EXCLUSIVE: Mom with Over 20 Different Personalities: A mom living with over 20 personalities, including a man, a teenage boy, and a bulimic, breaks her silence about her struggle. - Anderson Cooper Live. Air date: 1/2/13

Perhaps it is time that members of the FMSF break our silence about this sort of dangerous misinformation being showcased as entertainment.

If Anderson Cooper had used any of his journalistic talents to research his guest, he would have found that Kim Nobel has been anything but silent. She’s been touting her new identity(s) on television, in newspapers, and more recently in her book for years. We wrote about her in 2010 after her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show [1], and again in 2011 when she appeared in The Guardian with an additional 80 personalities.[2]

Nobel’s therapist, Valerie Sinason, was panned as an alarmist following her 1994 book Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse. [3] In an interview about the suicide of one of her former patients, Sinason claims that "flinching" at the color purple is an indication of a Satanic abuse history.[4]

From her own telling of the therapy, Kim Nobel suggests an alternative reason for her lapses of memory:

Sianson: "Okay, can you tell me what you did last night?"
Nobel: "It’s a bit fuzzy."
Sianson "It’s because you weren’t around last night, were you?"
Nobel: "No, I was probably too drunk. Do you remember everything when you’ve been drinking?"
Sianson: "You blame drinking for everything."
Nobel: "I drink a lot."[5]

Within 24 hours of hearing of Nobel’s upcoming appearance the show, amateur journalist "Altus" managed a much more insightful and well-researched article on the subject matter than all of the Anderson Cooper Live team: Death Of A Demographic and posed an interesting question to the daytime host: "Why highlight something that has driven women, the very demographic the show is after, to suicide?"[6]

Anderson Cooper gained America’s respect from his work on CNN and on CBS’s 60 Minutes. He won national awards for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. When a respected journalist lends credence to such damaging tales of multiple personalities without a balanced counterview - he risks his very reputation.

Please take the time to write to Anderson Cooper and tell him how you feel about this lapse in judgment.



US Mail:

Anderson Cooper
1 Time Warner Center
4th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(This is his address at CNN. His CBS show is scheduled for cancellation.)

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J. Bean (With special thanks to Altus!)