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FMS Forum on Facebook - Action Network

FMSF News Alert - December 17, 2012

Dear FMSF friends,

A new forum for sharing information on recovered memory therapy and related phenomena has recently been added to the popular social media website, Facebook. Athough the Facebook group, "The False Memory Syndrome Action Network" is not controlled or officially sanctioned by the FMS Foundation, we are pleased to see that our supporters have taken the discussion into this new venue.

If you are interested in joining the discussion, go to Facebook group to request membership in the group. A valid Facebook account is required.

This is the description of the group which is posted on the Facebook page:

This page is in response to the continued problem of Recovered Memory Therapies and the crass conspiracy theories that coerced confabulatory "confessions" often draw out of vulnerable mental health consumers, burdening them with paranoid delusions that negatively impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

Recovered Memories, though often firmly believed by those who hold them, can be quite far removed from reality, as evidenced by the many recovered memory narratives derived from Past-Life Regressions and hypotherapeutic revelations of extraterrestrial nocturnal kidnappings.

However, recovered memories are still the staple of mainstream Dissociative Identity Disorder therapy where these hallucinatory narratives have been harmonized by irresponsible and credulous therapists into fears of a global Satanic threat and government mind-control plots.

The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation [ISSTD] (erroneously respected as science-based organization dedicated to Dissociative studies) -- indeed, the entire psychotherapy subculture devoted to dissociative disorders -- is fraught with this lunacy. Ideas that in any other context would find one sequestered from his/her own bank account and involuntarily committed to psychiatric care still find a credulous audience -- ironically, and insultingly -- among licensed therapists themselves who, of all people, should be able to distinguish reality from delusion.

Organizations like S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual abuse Today) and Survivorship -- both headed a licensed therapist who claims to believe he was once a top-secret brain-washed assassin for the Freemasons/CIA/Illuminati (whether together or separately isn’t entirely clear) -- hold annual conferences where attendees may not only purchase electromagnetic beam-blocking hats, but also learn from mental health professionals how theories of dissociation and repression prove their most hysterical conspiracist fears.

Now, with a new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [DSM-V] pending publication we are urging for the exclusion of DID and developing a grassroots public policy initiative that will confront mental health professional licensing boards and regulatory agencies in effort to make them acknowledge the problem of the persisting practice of debunked, harmful therapies so they might enforce empirically supported therapies, withdrawing the licenses from quacks who act as purveyors of hysterical delusion.

We intend to name names and petition against specific targets.